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What is Premium Economy?

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What is Premium Economy Class?

Premium Economy Class, also called Elite Economy Class or Economy Plus Class. The term "Premium Economy Class" refers to a transport class between Economy Class and Business Class on flights. Some airlines offer special seats in the front of the Economy Class for a small extra charge, which are characterized by an increased seat spacing and thus more legroom for increased comfort during flight. Premium Economy or Economy Plus is not a fixed cabin class, so the services offered by the respective airlines vary accordingly.

Premium Economy Class

What are the advantages of Premium Economy Class?

As mentioned above, Premium Economy Class is all about more legroom in the cabin. While the
seating in the ordinary economy class usually pretty tight, passengers can better stretch their
legs in the Premium Economy area. This is a great advantage, especially for longer or intercontinental flights, as relaxing on board often means less jet lag. However, the increased seat distance may vary greatly depending on the airline. Travelers should therefore always inform themselves in advance about the conditions on board. Occasionally, passengers can enjoy more legroom as well as a wider seat or a backrest that can be adjusted further back. Other benefits include preferential boarding, faster clearance in the security area, more baggage allowance, special on-board meals or free drinks, more exclusivity in thr lounges, free wifi in the lounges and additional bonus miles. For frequent flyer customers who participate in the bonus programs of the airlines, an upgrade to Premium Economy is often possible for free.

Examples of differences between Premium Economy class and Standard Economy class may include:

  • a free upgrade for premium members of frequent-flyer program and passengers flying full-fare economy,
  • a separate section of the economy/coach cabin with more legroom (36–42" (91–106 cm) seat pitch), along with some form of leg rest,
  • improved in-flight entertainment features (larger screen, more options, included headphones, etc)
  • dedicated cabin crew
  • smaller cabin size
  • better seats (often fewer seats per row, allowing seats to be wider, and to increase shoulder/elbow room)
  • at-seat laptop power
  • at-seat telephone
  • lounge access (for some airlines)
  • priority boarding/check in
  • increased frequent flyer points
  • exclusive amenity kits (with key toiletries and other items to ensure a comforting journey)
  • hot towel service
  • welcome drinks (juice or champagne)
  • upgraded meals and drinks
  • increased luggage allowance
  • seats in front of the engines
  • premium entertainment


Which airlines offer Premium Economy Class?

More and are rebuilding their fleet and equipping the cabins with a premium economy area. However, since "Premium Economy Class" is not a fixed term, the respective terms are quite different. United Airlines, Virgin Australia, WestJet uses - like some other airlines - for example the term "Economy Plus"
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